Industrial Hemp  

Industrial hemp is from the plant species Cannabis sativa and has been used worldwide to produce a variety of industrial and consumer products. Hemp is a source of fiber and oilseed grown in more than 30 nations. 

Market Availability  

The global market for hemp consists of more than 25,000 products in nine submarkets: agriculture, textiles, recycling, automotive, furniture, food and beverages, paper, construction materials, and personal care. 

Hemp Fiber 

Hemp fibers are used in fabrics and textiles, yarns and spun fibers, paper, carpeting, home furnishings, construction and insulation materials, auto parts, and composites. 

Hemp Hurds

Hemp hurds are used in animal bedding, material inputs, papermaking, and oil absorbents. 

Hemp Seed

Hemp seed and oilcake are used in a range of foods and beverages (e.g., salad and cooking oil and hemp dairy alternatives) and can be an alternative food and feed protein source. 

Hemp Oil

Oil from the crushed hemp seed is used in soap, shampoo, lotions, bath gels, and cosmetics. Hemp is also being used in nutritional supplements and in medicinal and therapeutic products, including pharmaceuticals.  

Marijuana tax act of 1937

 This video shows the scare tactics used to pass the marijuana tax act of 1937, "effectively making marijuana illegal". 

Social Media was unavailable at the time but the parallels to current times are uncanny. 

This video shows the unwavering ignorance of Harry J. Anslinger, when presented with scientific evidence disproving all reasoning for the prohibition of cannabis.

Hemp for Victory circa 1942

 After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, supplies of abaca fiber from the Philippines were cutoff. The USDA produced this video to encourage American farmers to grow hemp as part of their patriotic duty during the war. 

Sadly after the war, US government would once again shut down domestic production of Hemp.

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Raw Hemp Products

Hemp is one of the most diverse plants.

Seeds, Stalks and Stems are used to create a variety of products.

From clothing to construction and even a well balanced meal.


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Adding Hemp to your current diet is easier than you think.

Hemp Products include, Hemp Oil, Hemp Seeds or Hemp Protein Powder to name a few. Get vitamins they way your body intended. Hemp CBD Products include CBD Oil.


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